Silver Jewelry Making Workshop at Ddreamer Studio

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Ever dream of making your own silver jewelry while getting to know more about the Vietnamese Jewelry Industry & having some quality time with your beloved ones learning new skills?  You can make it come true at Ddreamer’s Jewelry Making Studio in Saigon.

In our Basic Ring Workshop, we will take you through the full basic process of making a sterling silver ring in just 2 hours with our 20-years-experience jewelry artisans. No need to have yourself any experience, we will teach you how to make a unique piece of jewelry by yourself at our studio and have an awesome story to tell afterwards.

You can choose some ring designs from our variety selection and we will teach you how to make it. If you want to personalize further your own design, please leave us a message, we will contact you for more information.

After this basic workshop, we have other advanced workshops about how to make bangles – necklaces – earrings – pendants – stone jewelry...for you to experience and learn more. Maybe you can find yourself with a new hobby & passion about jewelry making.

At our Workshop Studio, Jewelry Making is more than learning silver craftsmanship, it’s about telling stories, keeping memories, expressing yourself, making your creativity come true and collaborating with a community of awesome people in Saigon with the same taste.

Book a class, make friends at the workshop, learn new crafts and bring home “happy jewelry” made by you.

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